Waylon County: Texas Stories by Heath Dollar

Waylon County: Texas Stories by Heath Dollar

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About the Book:
Whether they left home fast or would never dream of leaving, Waylon County is about folks from the heart of the Texas Hill Country. A nine-time bride is faced with a law stopping her from marrying again. A military contractor, fresh from Afghanistan, enters the Wailin’ Biscuit CafĂ© with a comfort monkey on his back, and a bookman descended from Spanish explorers discovers an incredible treasure. Waylon County is Texas itself. It is a place of fable, satire, and the slow drawl of truth.

About the Author:
Heath Dollar is a native Texan, and his family has lived in the state for more than 150 years. His writing has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, among other publications, with his fiction receiving recognition from the Texas Observer. He has lived in both Europe and Asia, and his work as the lyricist and frontman for a blues-rock band was released on a Prague record label. You can read more about and by Heath on his blog at heathdollar.blogspot.com.

Editorial Reviews:

“Waylon County: Texas Stories is a fresh-voiced, well-composed collection of thirty-one vignettes and short stories set in a fictional county in the Texas Hill Country… The structure of Waylon County: Texas Stories initially may bring to mind works such as Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, a dark portrait of small-town life, and William Faulkner’s likewise controversial Go Down, Moses, a novel originally published as a collection of short stories about the white and black descendants of one Southern plantation owner… Waylon County: Texas Stories entertainingly reminds us that the Lone Star State is still a unique place with its own state of mind. Yet, key languages and customs of the past--Spanish, English, German, and Czech — are being altered by progress and expanded by people moving into Central Texas from many other cultures and places. Even in remotest Waylon County, you cannot escape the change.”